Training 2024 

The Feldenkrais training in 2024 in Biel offers the opportunity to learn the profession of a versatile Feldenkrais® Practitioner and initiate a profound process of development.

Led by experienced trainers & training location in Leubringen 
Four-year duration with a total of 160 training days & Combination of on-site and online instruction for flexibility and convenience 
Fees: CHF 5800.- for the first two years of training and CHF 5950.- for the last two years 


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"What interests me are not just flexible bodies, but flexible brains."

Moshe Feldenkrais



Learn Feldenkrais in Biel - An exciting vocational training with profound personal development. Led by experienced instructors. Combination of on-site and online classes for flexibility. Training location in Leubringen, with breathtaking views of the Swiss plateau and the Alps. Costs: CHF 5800.- for the first two years, CHF 5950.- for the last two years. Language of instruction: English, to cater to an international audience. 

Key dates 2024 / 2025
  • 40 days / on-site 40 days, 7 online 
  • 15.7.24 - 26.7. / 10 days
  • 21.10. - 27.10. / 6 days
  • 20.1.25-25.1. / 6 days
  • 31.3.-12.4. / 11 days

The Feldenkrais professional training offers the opportunity to learn an interesting profession as well as to start a profound development process. Elizabeth Beringer and Martin Mosimann will lead this training together.  They will be surrounded by a team of assistants with whom they have collaborated for many years and will be supported in the organization by Serge Cartellier and Ulrich Wermuth, who were co-leaders of the last training in Biel. Thus, we offer you the best possible environment for a pleasant and safe learning experience.  

Key dates 2025 / 2026 
  • 40 days / on-site 40 days, 4 online
  • 14.7.25 - 1.8. / 15 days
  • 13.10. - 25.10. / 11 days
  • 21.3.-1.4.2026 / 10 days

Slight shifts in training dates will be communicated one year in advance whenever possible. 

Key dates 2026 / 2027
  • 40 days / on-site 40 days, 4 online
  • 6.7.25 - 24.7. / 15 days
  • 12.10. - 24.10. / 11 days
  • 8.3.27 - 19.3. / 10 days

Key dates 2027 / 2028
  • 40 days / on-site 40 days, 4 online
  • 5.7.2028 - 23.7./ 15 days
  • 18.10. - 29.10. / 10 days
  • 13.3. - 25.3. / 11 days

Training location  

The training takes place in Evilard, a town located on the heights of the city of Biel. Evilard is 6 minutes by funicular from the center of Biel. With a view of the Swiss plateau and the Alps, the training room is ideally located to facilitate a relaxed, joyful learning experience in a bright and open space.  


The fees for the first and second year of training are 5.800 CHF. The fee for the third and fourth year of training is 5.950 CHF. Foreign students receive a discount (due to travel/transportation costs, etc.) and pay €4,300 (for years 1 & 2) and €4,400 (for years 3 & 4). 


Our courses have always welcomed students from many different countries. With this professional training, we are again addressing an international audience. Biel is a bilingual region (French and German), which is why these two languages are the most present in our training. Nevertheless, the courses of this training will be given in English. However, we are aware that this may lead to difficulties of understanding for some at the beginning. Nevertheless, French and German speaking team members will be present in each segment of the training to support those who need it. In addition, we offer regular discussions and exercises in small groups in German, French and English. If you have any questions about your English level, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Professional Benefits  

Feldenkrais professional training offers graduates the opportunity to enter an increasingly important international and interdisciplinary profession. The Feldenkrais Method lies at the intersection of complementary and holistic medicine and is increasingly recognized in today's health care system. As the method can be applied wherever improved quality and flexibility of movement, thinking and learning are desired, graduates are integrating the knowledge gained from the Feldenkrais approach into their own professions, often with success. The Feldenkrais Method offers both an in-depth personal development process and effective approaches in the field of pain management, neurological and orthopedic difficulties, in competitive sports, in a different relationship to aging and in our daily lives in general. This unique combination gives the Feldenkrais Method a pioneering role in the efforts to improve health in the 21st century. 


The training is open to anyone who wishes to bring new perspectives to their current work or who is looking for a new and rewarding profession. We are particularly sensitive to the diverse backgrounds of our students, who differ in terms of knowledge, interests, and life and career paths. Previous training programs have welcomed both seasoned professionals and those with no previous training. This program is also open to those who want to do something for their health and well-being and are looking for an intensive and safe learning environment. 

The Feldenkrais Method can be applied in many areas and situations. It is relatively young, which still encourages the development of new areas of application. 

Feldenkrais teachers - whether or not they have their own practice - are active in fields such as rehabilitation, body and occupational therapy, motor development, psychology, and sports education - working with teachers, trainers, athletes, artists, singers, musicians, dancers, actors, etc. No special prior knowledge is required to enter the training program. We are looking for a balanced learning community that reflects the different professional experiences, training and fields of application of the method.